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The Story From Eriez – Chase Junghans Holds Off Hard Charging Sheppard to Snap 3 Year Winless Streak with the Outlaws


World of Outlaws Late Models

Thirty-Six drivers signed in to compete with the World of Outlaws Late Model Series on Sunday evening. The evening kicked off with the Outlaws qualifying 2 at a time for 2 laps on the clock. Chris Madden was the fast timer in group A and second overall at 15.065 seconds, Boom Briggs was the fast timer in group B as well as the fastest overall qualifier with a 15.012 second lap around the 3/8 mile oval. This was his first ever Fast qualifier award with the World of Outlaws Late Model Series.

Boom Briggs and Chase Junghans led the 24 car field to the green flag, with Chase taking an early lead. The race would be slowed for the first time on lap 2 when Shane Clanton lost control in turn 1 while in the 5thposition collecting Jared Miley and David Breazeale blocking much of the track in turn 2. The race restarted with Junghans leading over Briggs, Chris Madden, Chub Frank, and Tyler Erb. Junghans would quickly jump out to a 5 car-length lead in the following laps.
On lap 8 Brandon Sheppard would execute a 2 car pass into the 5th positon, up from his 16th starting position. A few laps later on lap 11 Sheppard would pass Chub Frank for the 4thspot. While this was happening Chase Junghans was building a half a straightaway lead over second place Briggs. Junghans caught the tail of the field on lap 14 while the battle for second began to heat up. Briggs and Madden ran side by side for second place and were quickly joined by Sheppard. Madden opened the door on lap 17 and Sheppard followed by Briggs as well.

As the leaders worked their way thru heavy lap traffic, Sheppard found an opening under Madden and moved up to the second position on lap 30. Sheppard continued to charge toward the leader, Junghans, who continued to battle heavy traffic. Lap 36 Sheppard drew even with Junghans, and executed the pass at the line. Not conceding, Junghans battled back next to Sheppard and was scored the race leader the next lap. The two battled side by side behind lap traffic until the yellow flag came out on lap 40.

The field restarted single file with Junghans in the lead followed by Sheppard, Madden, Briggs, and 12th starting Mike Marlar. Junghans was able to quickly jump out to a 4 car-length lead on the field, however Sheppard again attempted to track him down.  Sheppard In the low line was able to draw as close to the lead as Junghans rear quarter panel in the corners, however Junghans on the top line would not be denied the win.

World of Outlaws Late Models – 50 Laps
1. Chase Junghans
2. Brandon Sheppard
3. Chris Madden
4. Mike Marlar
5. Boom Briggs
6. Chub Frank
7. Max Blair
8. Devin Moran
9. Rick Eckert
10. Colton Flinner


The 20 lap Economod feature was lead to green by Chuck Steinle Sr and Ty Rhodes. After several cautions a green flag run was put together by Rhodes who took the lead on the intial start. He was closely followed by Kyle Reinwald, Steinle, Geoff Conn and Matt Alexander. Mid race the leader, Rhodes, hit heavy traffic and was able to use it to distance himself from Reinwald. In turn 1 on lap 18 Reinwald lost the handle and turned sideways, only to be knocked back straight by an advancing Alexander. This brought out the caution despite both cars continuing.
With 2 laps to go Rhodes lead Reinwald, Alexander, Steinle, and Conn to the green flag. Reinwald used this restart to his advantage, following Rhodes closely under the white flag and taking the high line around the outside of Rhodes into 1. Reinwald emerged victorious crossing the line ahead of Rhodes with his final lap pass.

Economods – 20 laps
1. Eric Reinwald
2. Ty Rhodes
3. Matt Alexander
4. Chuck Steinle Sr.
5. Geoff Conn


WoO Late Models

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