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The 2018 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 21

Hey there race fans, it’s Monday, so that means it’s time for the update to these rankings.

This week saw rain join the party again, unfortuantely, with Thunder Mountain, Lernerville and Hummingbird raining out. Other normal super late model tracks gave the division the night off due to the WoO being in town (Bedford, Selinsgrove). That WoO swing even had a rain issue of it’s own, as Williams Grove was supposed to hold a show Friday night, but that too rained out.

So we were left with just three scoring shows on the weekend. Dog Hollow had a regular show and Port Royal had a WoO show (and that WoO show had a rain delay) on Saturday night and Eriez had a WoO show Sunday. Both of those WoO shows paid 10k, and that means they were scored on the 10 point scale.

On another note, I have noticed that putting the win totals next to drivers names highlighted in red made this writeup go wonky on mobile devices, so I’m gonna have to scrap that. I’m keeping the win totals as numbers in parenthesis, but they have to stay the same color as the rest of the text so as not to give our mobile readers a pile of steaming unreadable garbage.

All that rain and scheduled nights off have made it so exactly one driver in the top ten scored any points this week, so instead of trying to create new ways of saying a driver scored no points, I’m just going to leave their weekend results blank. The one guy who did score will have his results posted.

1. Jeff Rine (8), 106 points. 

2.  Dylan Yoder (4), 78 points. 

3.  Max Blair (7), 75 points. 

4.  Jared Miley (5), 65 points. 

5.  Michael Norris (9), 61 points. 

6.  Mike Maresca (2), 47 points.

7. Jon Lee (4), 45 points. 

8.  Mike Marlar (1), 44 points. Mike won at Port Royal Saturday and came home fourth at Eriez Sunday.

8. Coleby Frye (3), 44 points. 

10. Bryan Bernheisel (4),  42 points. 

And that’s our top ten for this week. Hopefully, the weather allows us to get more shows in this week and the top ten won’t be a sea of dudes who couldn’t score.

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