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The 2018 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 22

Hey there race fans, it’s Monday, so it’s time to give an update on these super late model rankings.

Everybody who had a show scheduled this past weekend got their shows in. That’s quite the change from the past few weeks. On the downside, though, this past weekend was the final points night for most of the tracks who regularly run the division. The only track that regularly runs supers that still has regular weekly shows left on the docket is Thunder Mountain. That’s a little depressing, but there are a lot of special shows left to be run in the state yet this year, so some points will still likely be scored most weeks, and being that they’re most all specials, it’ll be a lot of points. We could see some pretty wild swings in points, depending on who scores them.

There are a couple tracks that don’t usually have the division that ran super late model shows this past week, Clinton County and Bradford. Both shows were scored on the 7 point special scale. Selinsgrove was also a special and scored on the 7 point scale.

I forgot to score Dog Hollow’s makeup feature last week, and those points have been added to the totals.

I’m keeping the format where if a driver doesn’t score, there will just be no weekend results listed. I think it’s probably better for you guys instead of having to read some blurb about not boing able to score. The jokes were getting pretty stale.

Let’s go ahead and get to those points now.

1. Jeff Rine (8), 104 points. 

2. Dylan Yoder (4), 87 points. Dylan ran second at Clinton County Friday and fifth Saturday at Selinsgrove.

3. Max Blair (8), 82 points. Max picked up the win at Bradford Sunday.

4. Michael Norris (10), 66 points. Michael was first under the checkers at Lernerville Friday.

5. Jared Miley (5), 65 points. 

6.  Jon Lee (5), 53 points. Jon came home third at Hummingbird Saturday.

7. Coleby Frye (4), 51 points. Coleby got the win at Clinton County Friday.

8. Bryan Bernheisel (4), 47 points. Bryan ran third at Selinsgrove Saturday.

8. Andy Haus (2), 47 points. Andy took home the win at Selinsgrove Saturday.

8. Mike Maresca (2), 47 points. 

And that’s our top ten from this week. Yes, I know, it only goes up to 8, but that’s because 8,9 and 10 are all tied with each other. I’m sure over the course of the next month or so that we’ll see that logjam cleared up a bit.  

As far as this coming week, it’s a holiday weekend, and those tend to be drinking weekends. Please use your head if you’re drinking, and refrain from driving drunk.  


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