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The Story From Thunder Mountain- Lake Seizes Opportunity En Route To Victory

Alyssa Knapp Photo

It was fan appreciation night at Thunder Mountain and the packed grandstands were treated a night of very close competitive racing.  The four division show and fan appreciation portion of the night seen 49 kids walk away with brand new back packs filled with school supplies with an awesome gesture put on by the facility.  The Super Late Models saw 22 cars take the green flag as Kyle Knapp and Devin Lewis  brought the field to life on the front row. Lewis and Knapp swapped the lead early on as Knapp got into traffic early and was dealing his way through it as Lewis was on his heels.  While the two were making their way the lappers, Lewis made contact with the 33k of Knapp and lost the handle collecting third and fourth place running John Lee and Charlie Powell.

Alyssa Knapp Photo

Lewis was charged with the caution and relegated to the back of the field while Lee got his spot back and Powell went to the pits to assess the damage and returned to restart front the tail. The top running  were Knapp Lee, Michael Lake, John Britsky and Gale Huey.

On the restart Lake made quick work of Lee pitching the car in deep with strong drive off the corners and set his sights on  Knapp.  The two raced hard for several laps and a mid race hiccup by the young Knapp cost him as he entered turn 1 and Lake was there to capitalize.  On the next turn Knapp tried to make up for it but lost the handle and spun in turn 3.

VIDEO- Michael Lake Post Race

“I just tried too hard and was glad I didn’t cost Lake the win,” Knapp said post race.

From that point on Lake, of Uniontown, PA, went on for the popular win.  Chasing Lake across the line were Doug Eck and Charlie Powell as they rebounded  from their early race mishap with Lewis and Lee.

Alyssa Knapp Photo

Prior to the race talking with Bobby Lake they had made the tough decision to switch from Chevy power to Ford power with Bill Schlepper and had just finished up that morning bolting it between the frame rails.

So far Lake is 1-0 with the new blue oval and was very thankful for the switch and result.

6 cautions slowed the event

Heat wins went to Gale Huey, Jon Lee and Kyle Knapp

1. 27 Michael Lake
2. 20 Doug Eck
3. 94 Charlie Powell
4. 32 John Britsky
5. 1 Wendall Pinckney
6. 09 Scott Stein
7. 11 Curtis Teets
8. 44 Joe Petyak
9. 22 Skip Lindemuth
10. 36 Paul Kot
11. 75 James Dobson
12. 28 Del Rogeaux
13. 57j Jonathan Rohacevich
14. 46 Tom Merryman
15. 8 Ron Mertz
16. 33k Kyle Knapp
17. 61 John Lee
18. 11h Gale Huey
19. 73 Devin Lewis
20. 16 Dan Stormer
21. 28c Clate Copeman
DNS 19 Bob Dorman

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