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2018 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 23

Hey there race fans, it’s time for the update for these rankings I keep for TDN. Yes, I know, I said I’d update them on Monday last week, but after some contemplation, I realized that if I posted them on Labor Day, they’d probably get lost in the shuffle because I’m sure many of you were at a BBQ or doing some stuff with your family. I figured it’d be best if I held them off until today when you’re getting back to regular everyday life.

This weekend saw a slate of pretty much all raised purse specials, with the only regular show being Thunder Mountain’s show on Friday. Other shows this weekend were ULMS shows at Port Royal (Saturday) and Dog Hollow (Sunday), an Ultimate Northeast show at Eriez Sunday, and an unsanctioned 3k special at Selinsgrove Sunday. Bedford did lose a 5k show they had scheduled on Friday to rain, unfortunately.

So a fair amount of points were scored this week. There were still a handful of drivers in our top ten that did not score, so like always, they just won’t have weekend results listed. 

1. Jeff Rine (8), 112 points. Jeff ran third at Port Royal Saturday, and got a fifth Sunday at Selinsgrove.

2. Dylan Yoder (4), 87 points. 

3. Max Blair (8), 86 points. Max came home fourth at Dog Hollow Sunday.

4. Michael Norris (10), 66 points. 

5. Jared Miley (5), 65 points. 

6.  Coleby Frye (5), 58 points. Coleby picked up the win at Selinsgrove Sunday.

7. Jon Lee (5), 53 points. 

8.  And Haus (2), 52 points. Andy came home third at Selinsgrove Saturday.

9. Bryan Bernheisel (4), 47 points. 

9. Michael Maresca ( 2), 47 points. 

And that’s the first ten names on the spreadsheet this week. Check back next Monday to see where they shake out after this coming weekend’s action.

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