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At The Races With Mat Williamson-Presented by Schaeffer’s Racing Oil

Williamson Finals1
Garry Ferguson Photo

Great opportunities are bestowed upon those who often embody the traits of passion, hard work, and well honed skill. It’s safe to say, that St. Catharines, Ontario Modified driver Mat Williamson has those. One needs to look no further than the resume he’s put forth thus far to see he was ready for those great opportunities. Having basically ruled the weekly fields at Lernerville and Merrittville Speedways, Williamson had brought his game to another level during 2016 and 2017 campaigns that saw him beat the best in the business on some of the biggest stages in the sport. But sometimes, It’s how a driver overcomes adversity often that goes a long way in determining whether a driver is ready for bigger and better things as well.

If you’ve ever seen the pilot in the pit area on a night when it’s not going well, you might just say to yourself that he’s either angry enough to set fire to anything he’s looking at or in deep thought. If the truth is to be told though, he is more than likely going over the next five things to improve upon in his mind, and solving the issues almost instantly after suffering the misfortune.

Williamson Finals

The talent, hard work (and to put any questions aside, yes he works hard and no….nothing is given to him), and relentlessness has finally been recognized by race team owners across the sport. Williamson has been selected to pilot the Buzz Chew Chevrolet #88 Big Block Modified on the Super DIRTcar Series in 2019 and will wheel the Kerwin #7 car at Ransomville Speedway as well.

Williamson should do well in those cars and it could very well be a point where he could go from simply being a driver who can win on any night, to a driver who can expect to win on almost any night in an echelon of drivers which would contain the names Sheppard, Friesen, Decker and Johnson.

Those deserved things happened just after our own John McConnell caught up with Williamson at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.

On Friday night, Williamson was behind the wheel of the Petruska Atlas Paving #66 Modified for the World Finals. “They asked me to race it so here we are,” The candid Williamson had to say after the first set of hot laps. And qualifying it was evident to Matt and the team there was a problem. So the back up car was pressed into service motor issues were discovered more precisely the carburetor and fuel issue so the team had to thrash to get the backup ride ready.

Scheffer Oil

It seemed to be a minor setback. Williamson proved in 2017, he had more than enough of a skill set to master the field as he managed to make his way to the front of the field in the Friday portion of the World Finals and stayed there for the biggest win of his career to date.

On the Friday portion of the weekend’s racing which took place on Saturday afternoon thanks to a rainy Friday night, Mat started the main event 14th and was moving forward and misfortune struck once again. He went to the work area to change a flat tire and return to tag the back of the field. With a plethora of caution’s Matt was able to recover for a 12th place finish. It was the first time out on the car and motor for the primary car and also the first laps the back up mount turned as well.

Saturday night’s show went much better for Matt and the crew. he wound up with a ninth in a car that was very fast and maneuverable “We we’re good. I feel like we had a car capable of winning the car was fast lap times where we were as good as anyone. We were the fastest car on the track we didn’t get the cautions to go our way. This was the third car mat piloted this season, he also drove the Beherents #3 in select Short Track Super Series along with the familiar S & W #6 ride most games are familiar with.

As for Next years plans Matt has flights booked as well as a condo in Florida so a trip to the dirt car nationals may very well be in Williamson’s future. Along with a fresh new Biknell number six. It certainly will be an exciting off-season for the modified pilot and we wish him the best of luck from everyone here at next years plans Matt has flights booked as well as a condo in Florida so a trip to the dirt car nationals may very well be in Williamson‘s future. It’s certainly will be an exciting off season for the sea Catherine’s Ontario modified pilot and we wish him the best of luck from everyone here at TDN.

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