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Pennington Bests Gobbler Field at Cochran; Collects $10,000

Cochran Motor Speedway

Hot on the heels of a recent $3,000 triumph at Screven Motor Speedway last weekend, Travis Pennington continued the momentum and finished atop a stout field of cars in the $10,000 to win Gobbler 100 at Cochran Motor Speedway on Sunday night.

The victory saw him finish just under two seconds ahead of Scott Bloomquist who wound up second on the night while Clint Smith rounded out the podium.

Car Count– 40

Fast Qualifier– Joesph Brown- 13.732

Heat Race Winners: 

Dalton Cook, Joesph Brown, Travis Pennington, Jimmy Sharpe Jr.

($10,000 to win Gobbler 100- Cochran Motor Speedway)

  1. 01- Travis Pennington
  2. 0- Scott Bloomquist
  3. 44- Clint Smith
  4. 1D- Dalton Cook
  5. 14- Jason Fitzgerald
  6. 187- David McCoy
  7. 40B- Kyle Bronson
  8. 51- Chad Tuten
  9. 26- Jimmy Sharpe Sr.
  10. 17-Chris Woods
  11. 21L-Ivedent Lloyd
  12. 26J- Jimmy Sharpe Jr.
  13. 14b- John Baker
  14. 44- Rhett Carter
  15. 92B Joesph Brown
  16. 33m-Jeff Matthews
  17. 5-Mark Whitener
  18. 214h- Will Herrington
  19. 3K- Kyle Vansickle
  20. 11M-David Smith
  21. 6- Kyle Bridges
  22. 3R- Ryan Vansickle
  23. K9- Dana Eiland
  24. 42- Jake Traylor
  25. 110- Ricky Culpepper



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