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The Story From Selinsgrove- Eckert outduels Zeigler for $11,000 at Ron Keister Memorial

Barry Lenhart Photo

SELINSGROVE, Pa. – Rick Eckert of York, Pa., out-dueled Mason Zeigler of Chalk Hill, Pa., by taking the lead from Zeigler with two laps remaining to pick up the victory in the first-ever Ron Keister Memorial at the Selinsgrove Speedway. The victory was worth $11,000 for Eckert.

The Selinsgrove Speedway took a risk by running this event unsanctioned but they were rewarded with great weather and a packed house at the speedway in an event that drew 36 Super Late Models to the big half mile facility. The event was the highest paying Super Late Model event in the history of the historic speedway.

The event had a slightly different format. Drivers were placed into four different groups and time trials strictly against the cars in their respective heat races. Gregg Satterlee was the fastest in group one and the overall fastest with a lap of 19.355 seconds. Satterlee would go on to draw a three for the heat race invert. The way they finished the heat races would lineup the feature heads up. The heat races were 11 laps in honor of Keister who drove a number 11 during his short career. Keister would lose his life in a wreck at the speedway.

Heat races were won by Zeigler, Alex Ferree, Eckert and Coleby Frye. Kenny Trevitz and Gene Knaub won the consolation events.

Before the start of the feature Ferree was experiencing problems and fell to the rear before the event even started. When the green flag flew Zeigler jumped out into an early lead with Eckert giving chase as Kyle Hardy worked his way from his 8th-place starting position into third in the early going.

As the leaders entered lapped traffic, Eckert would make runs at Zeigler through lapped traffic but could not quite clear him. Every time Eckert ducked his car underneath Zeigler the leader would clear a lapped car that would put some distance between him and Eckert.

Front Page Photo-BL
Barry Lenhart Photo

As this was going on, Dylan Yoder was working his way through the field. With two laps to go before the mandatory yellow flag on lap 41 that would set up an 11-lap dash in honor of Keister at the end of the event, Yoder put himself in position to contend for the win when he passed Satterlee for third. The mandatory yellow would be the first caution flag of the 52-lap affair.

Barry Lenhart Photo

When the race went back to green Yoder got a run to the outside of second-running Eckert on the Delaware double-file restart. Eckert would crowd Yoder coming off of turn two causing Yoder to have to get off the gas. After breaking Yoder’s momentum, Eckert would reel in leader Zeigler. Coming down to two laps to go Eckert would get under Zeigler entering turn three. As the two exited turn four slight contact was made and Eckert would take the lead at the line. From there Eckert would lead the final two laps to pick up the $11,000 victory.

Finish-$11,000 to win Ron Keister Memorial- (Starting position in parentheses)

  1. (3) Rick Eckert, 2.(1) Mason Zeigler, 3. (9) Dylan Yoder, 4. (5) Gregg Satterlee, 5. (10) Jared Miley, 6. (8) Kyle Hardy, 7. (15) Andy Haus, 8. (19) Ross Robinson, 9. (12) (12) Russell Irwin, 10. (20) Kyle Lee, 11. (22) Gene Knaub, 12. (9) Hayes Mattern, 13. (22) Brett Schadel, 14. (21) Kenny Trevitz, 15. (23) Shaun Jones, 16. (4) Coleby Frye, 17. (2K) Jeff Rine, 18. (10) Jim Yoder, 19. (14) Kenny Moreland, 20. (18) Donnie Schick, 21. (26) Danny Snyder, 22. (16) Amanda Whaley, 23. (24) Matt Cosner, 24. (6) Randy Christine, 25. (25) Bryan Bernheisel, 26. (2) Alex Ferree

Heat Race Winners: Mason Zeigler, Alex Ferree, Rick Eckert, Coleby Frye

BMain Transfers

BMain 1– Kenny Trevitz, Shaun Jones

Bmain 2– Gene Knaub, Matt Cosner

Super Late Model Car Count: 36

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