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2019 Lernerville Pick’Em Week 2

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Finally! We’re off and running in Lernerville Pick’Em 2019! First things first, we’d like to congratulate our weekly winners from week one as we had a five way tie for the win between Jordan Kieber, Ryan Cornman, Skiz (Gary Heeman), Sally Cornman and Bethany Liska! Using the tiebreaker of first to submit selections, Jordan will receive our $25 Visa Gift Card as those selections were the 23rd set submitted. Ryan submitted 37th, Sally 58th, Skiz 62nd and Bethany 70th.

This week, we will make the Sprint selection worth DOUBLE points, so choose well! Also, make sure to completely fill out your selection sheets as there were a few who did not make any wild card selections this week and lost out on some critical points.  Remember, regardless of weather forecasts, make your picks! In the event of a rainout, 10 points will be awarded for each player that made selections!

We will have the complete rundown for standings later on this week and announce when they are posted. They will be placed here. Remember also to remind yourself to make your picks every week if you’re trying to win a championship!

So good luck, and thanks for playing as always!

Here’s the top 15 from this past week, we had 72 players take part in week!

1. Jordan Kieber- 36  2. Ryan Cornman-36 3. Skiz- 36 4. Sally Cornman- 36 5. Bethany Liska- 36 6. Chris Lynn- 34 7. Tyler Freaking Dietz- 34 8. Jarrett Haspel- 34 9. Earl W-32 10. Flip Swartzlander- 32  11. Jeff Barnes-32 12. Chris Speer- 32 13. Brian Johnson- 32 14. Dave Adamski- 32 15. Garrett Mohrbacher- 32

To make your selections for Lernerville Pick’Em Week 2  CLICK HERE



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