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2019 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

2019 rankings

Hi folks, it’s Monday, so that means it’s time for the weekly update to these rankings.

This week saw most of the tracks get their shows in, but mother nature did have an effect on a couple of them. The Friday night tracks, Bedford,  Lernerville,  and Thunder Mountain all managed to get their shows in  (all on the five point scale). Saturday saw Dog Hollow get their McGarvey Memorial (7 point scale), and Selinsgrove  get thier regular show (5 point scale) in. However, Hummingbird rained out sompletely, and Hidden Valley rained out before they could get their super late model feature in. Sunday saw Eriez rain out their Mike Farr  Memorial.

That said, there were a bunch of points scored this week, but there isn’t a whole lot of movement among the top ten, because many of the points were scored by guys who aren’t in the top ten, but they’re getting pretty close to it. Should be seeing some new faces in the next few weeks.

Here’s the rankings for this week!

1. Jason Covert (1), 47 points.

2. Rick Eckert (4), 45 points.

3. Jeff Rine (3), 43 points. Jeff ran fourth at Bedford.

4. Mason Ziegler (2), 38 points.

5. Dylan Yoder, 35 points.

6. Kyle Knapp (2), 29 points. Kyle picked up the win at Thunder Mountain.

6. Max Blair (4), 29 points. Max got the win at Dog Hollow.

8. Michael Norris (3), 27 points. Michel won at Lernerville.

9. Jared Miley (1), 24 points. Jared ran third at Lernerville and had another third at Dog Hollow.

9. Bob Dorman (2), 24 points. Bob ran fifth at Thunder Mountain.

9. Gregg Satterlee (1), 24 points.

And those are the first ten names on the spreadsheet this week. I know, it’s actually eleven, but ties are gonna tie.

The opportunity for points this weekend is the highest it will be all season, as the World of Outlaws come to Lernerville, and there will be a ton of points up for grabs over the three days. If somebody who has  previously scored here manages to grab some of those points, it could throw this whole thing into a tizzy, and in all honesty, that would make this whole deal pretty fun.

We’ll see ya next week, same bat time, same bat place.












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