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TDN’s 2019 Firecracker 100 Pick’em Contest


Welcome to our 2019 Firecracker 100 Pick’em Contest! It’s completely free, fun to play and enhances the racing experience we’re pretty sure all of our past participants agree.

How to play:

At the bottom of this page, simply click the “Click Here” link to be directed to our Pick’Em entry page.  You will select one driver from tier one, two drivers from tier two and three rivers from tier three and a car count tiebreaker.  Your selections will then be added up by the following point system after racing has been completed.

For Thursday and Friday:

Quick time overall: 20 points

Heat win: 5 points

Feature breakdown: Win= 20 T5= 15  T10= 10 Make The Show = 5

For Saturday: 

Heat win= 10 points

Feature breakdown: Win= 30  T5=20 T10= 15 Make the Show = 5


Winner receives a $100 Visa gift card

2nd place receives a Firecracker 100 tshirt

3rd place receives a $15 Subway gift card


That’s pretty much it. All entries must be received by 6 PM Thursday night.

To make your selections for our 2019 Firecracker 100 Pick’Em Contest CLICK HERE



TDN Pick Em

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