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2019 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

2019 rankings

Hey Kids, it’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time to update these here rankings. I know, I know, I generally do this on Mondays, but I wanted to hang out with my family on my last day of vacation so I delayed this a day. Is that selfish? Maybe. But I really think family is more important than almost everything else.

But I digress, this week saw solid weather for the most part. The only scheduled show that rained out was the Thursday night portion of the Firecracker at Lernerville. Every other show that was scheduled ran off without a hitch.

These are the shows that ran off. The number in parenthesis next to them s th epoint scale of said race.


WoO @ Lernerville (8)


Firecracker @ Lernerville (20)

Uncle Sam @ Lernerville (7)

Port Royal (5)

Selinsgrove (5)

Hummingbird (5)

Hidden Valley (5)


Eriez (5)


Now that you know the scales those races were scored on, here’s this week’s top ten.

1. Jason Covert (1), 47 points.

2. Mason Ziegler (2), 45 points. Mason ran second Friday at Lernerville.

2. Rick Eckert (4), 45 points.

4. Jeff Rine (3), 43 points.

5. Dylan Yoder (1), 41 points. Dylan won at Port Royal.

5. Max Blair (6), 41 points. Max won the Uncle Sam at Lernerville and also won at Eriez.

7. Michael Norris (4), 35 points. Michael won at Lernerville Friday.

8. Kyle Knapp (2), 29 points.

9. Coleby Frye (2), 25 points. Coleby won at Selinsgrove.

10. Brandon Sheppard, 24 points. Brandon finished third in both Friday’s WoO program and Saturday’s Firecracker at Lernerville.

10. Jared Miley (1), 24 points.

10. Gregg Satterlee (1), 24 points.

10. Bob Dorman (2), 24 points.

And that’s our top thirteen this week. I know it’s supposed to be ten, but with ties, your’e going to have more names. Think of it this way, if you’re reading this while on the can at work a couple extra names gve you a little more time to linger before going back to the doldrums of your day.

I’ll see ya next week, and yes, it’ll be back on Monday.








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