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Bell grabs first Pennsylvania Speedweek win at Grandview

Christopher bell
PA Speedweek photo 

BECHTELSVILLE, Pa. – Christoper Bell of Norman, Okla., picked up his first-ever victory against the Pennsylvania Posse for a $10,000 windfall in the Pennsylvania Speedweek show at Grandview Speedway.  Bell took the lead on the second lap from polesitter Lucas Wolfe and would never relinquish that lead the rest of the way despite serious challenges late in the event from both James McFadden and Lance Dewease.  Bell drove masterfully through lapped traffic never allowing McFadden or Dewease to sneak by him.

The night started off with a rain shower that would delay the start of the show.  Grandview Speedway officials did and excellent job moving through the show following the rain and would complete the two-division show with time trials in just over three hours.

Bell set fast time on the night.  In heat one Aaron Reutzel picked up the win over Bell, Dale Blaney, Freddie Rahmer and J.J. Grasso.  Heat two was won by Lucas Wolfe over Kyle Larson, James McFadden, Dylan Cisney and Jared Esh.  Danny Dietrich picked up the victory in heat three over Cory Eliason, Lance Dewease, Jessie Attard and Brandon Rahmer.  Heat four went to Kyle Reinhardt over Rico Abreu, Anthony Macri, Kyle Moody and T.J. Stutts.  Mark Smith was the winner of the consolation event.

At the start of the feature polesitter Wolfe jumped out to an early lead but it wouldn’t last long as Bell worked his way into the lead coming off of turn four on the opening circuit.  As the race wore on the field was battling hard for position in the top ten as Bell was pulling away from the field.  Lapped traffic proved to be the equalizer though as the field began to reel Bell in.  A red flag on lap 18 for Jessie Attard who flipped in turn three would give Bell clear track for the restart.  On the restart McFadden and Dewease began to challenge Bell hard for the lead.  Bell would block McFadden’s efforts to pass him at every corner.  As they entered lapped traffic again Bell distanced himself slightly over the final three laps to pick up his first-ever victory in central Pennsylvania.


Feature Finish

  1. Christopher Bell
  2. James McFadden
  3. Lance Dewease
  4. Lucas Wolfe
  5. Aaron Reutzel
  6. Danny Dietrich
  7. Kyle Larson
  8. Rico Abreu
  9. Anthony Macri
  10. Cory Eliason
  11. J.J. Grasso
  12. Kyle Reinhardt
  13. Alan Krimes
  14. Jared Esh
  15. Chase Dietz
  16. Kyle Moody
  17. Tyler Reeser
  18. Mark Smith
  19. Jessie Attard
  20. T.J. Stutts
  21. Dale Blaney
  22. Freddie Rahmer
  23. Dylan Cisney
  24. Brandon Rahmer

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