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The Story From Eriez… Hooks Capitalizes; Genco shows determinaton; Kinney, Miller, Horton Dominate

The drivers of the Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series invaded Eriez Speedway on Sunday and they didn’t disappoint. The first of two visits by the touring series saw 42 pro stocks signing in to the Hammett, PA facility to race for the $1000 winners share on a sunny and warm evening. Other classes racing that night were the Rush Late Models, Outlaw E-Mods, Economods, and the Challengers; The Super Late Models had the night off.

Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stock Champion Series

Jason Fosnaught and Chris McGuire lead the field of 24 cars to the green flag in the evening’s top feature event. McGuire lead the first lap followed closely by Jason Fosnaught, Daryl Charlier, Hunter Exley and Anthony Marotto.  Exley and Paul Davis were the early movers, finding their way to third and fourth positions by lap 4 and battling side by side on laps 5 and 6. With six laps in the books, Charlier spun in turn four in front of the field, collecting Davis in the process bringing out the first caution of the race. McGuire and Fosnaught brought the field back to green, racing the entire circuit side by side for the lead position. Fosnaught cleared McGuire the next lap, and the caution again flew shortly there after for Douglas Eck who slowed on the front stretch due to a flat tire.

Fosnaught lead the next restart over McGuire and Exley who battled side by side with Exley bringing out the yellow again a lap later by spinning in turn 2. The race slowed again the next lap for a turn 4 incident involving Daryl Charlier, Zach Gustafson, John Boardman, Douglas Eck, and Kyle Couchenour in a lengthy caution.  The ensuing restart found Fosnaught, McGuire, and a charging Shaun Hooks 3 wide off of 2 for the lead. McGuire took the lead on lap 17. Two laps later, Gustafson spun in turn two, bringing out the caution. McGuire lead the single file restart over Bobby Whitling, Hooks, Jackson Humanic, and Fosnaught. Whitling and McGuire traded blows over the next two laps, with neither drawing clear of the other until they got together in turn 4 of lap 22, with McGuire catapulting over Whitling’s drivers side front tire. This contact slowed both, allowing Hooks to drive to the lead. Whitling’s damaged car found the turn four wall with one to go bringing out a late race restart. Hooks lead Humanic, Exley and Mcguire on the final restart and wouldn’t look back taking the $1000 payday.


25 Laps-24 Cars top 10- $1,000 to win Homak Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Main Event

  1. Shaun Hooks
  2. Jackson Humanic
  3. Hunter Exley
  4. Chris McGuire
  5. Jason Fosnaught
  6. Anthony Marotto
  7. Mike Reed
  8. Tim Bish
  9. John Boardman
  10. Wesley McCray


Rush Late Models

Brian Larson and Bruce Hordusky lead the field to the green flag with Hordusky taking a quick lead over Jason Genco, Khole Wanzer, Kyle Zimmerman and Cory Sines at the end of the first lap. Genco pulled up to Hordusky’s tail on the third circuit, and was overtaking him on the fifth lap when Josh Beckstrom spun in turn two, bringing out the first caution of the feature.

Hordusky pulled away on the following restart as Zimmerman battled Genco for the second spot. Wanzer and Santee followed. On lap nine, Zimmerman went under Genco, taking the second spot. The yellow flag flew again on lap 11 for Brandon Porter following a spin in turn two. Hordusky again lead the field on the restart, with Genco capitalizing and moving up to second over Zimmerman, Santee, and Wanzer. Genco begain challenging for the lead on lap 15 trying the top line, then the low line on lap 16 pulling even with Hordusky, but could not complete the pass. Genco appeared to scrape the turn four wall the next lap but would not be denied, as Hordusky, Genco, and Zimmerman raced three wide thru turns 1 and 2 on lap 18. Caution flew again on lap 19, setting up a 1 lap dash for the cash.  Genco lead Zimmerman Hordusky, Santee, and Scott Gurdak to the green and white flags. Genco came back to the flag stand first, winning over Zimmerman, Scott Gurdak, Hordusky, and Santee.

25 Laps-17 CarsIMG_3485

  1. Jason Genco
  2. Kyle Zimmerman
  3. Scott Gurdak
  4. Bruce Hordusky
  5. Breyton Santee
  6. Joe Long
  7. Khole Wanzer
  8. Branden Porter
  9. Cory Sines
  10. Paul Norman


Outlaw E-Mods

Casey Bowers missed the call to the track forfeiting his pole starting spot. This allowed Steve Rex to move up beside Mike Kinney on the start, with Kinney taking an early lead as Bowers and a few other sprinted onto the track and tailed the field. Kinney lead Rex, Randy Hall, Steve Sornberger Jr, and John Boyd for the next two laps. Quickly advancing Gary Eicher challenged Sornberger for the fourth position on lap 4 and completed the pass the next lap. Caution flew on lap 9 for Calvin Thompson, who was spilling fluid on the track. The following restart was lead by Kinney over Rex, Hall, Eicher and Boyd. Randy Hall passed Rex for second on lap 10, and set his sights on Kinney. Hard charging Casey Bowers passed Boyd on lap 14 for the fifth spot. Lap 16 Eicher passed Rex for third, and Hall on lap 17 for second. This as Brandon Grossman spun bringing out the caution. Kinney lead Eicher, Hall, Rex, and Bowers in the late race restart, and this is how they would finish.

20 Laps-13 carsIMG_3395

  1. Mike Kinney
  2. Gary Eicher
  3. Randy Hall
  4. Steve Rex
  5. Casey Bowers
  6. John Boyd
  7. Steve Simon
  8. Jarrod Slvis
  9. Steve Sornberger
  10. Mark Thrasher


Mike Boyd and Kyle Miller lead the field to the green flag, with Miller jumping out the quick lead over Jason Brightman, Boyd, Garret Calvert, and Steve Simon. By the third lap Miller lead by five car lengths over the field until this was negated by Matt Alexander and Gary Olsen spinning in turn 4. Again Miller jumped out to the lead until the next lap Brightman spun in turn 4 collecting Alexander, Calvert and Simon. Miller quickly took a commanding lead on the following restart, leading by a straightaway on lap 10. Miller lead green to checkers, with Olsen taking second place on lap 12, followed by Boyd, Kyle Layton, and Garret Calvert.

15 Laps-11 carsIMG_3414

  1. Kyle Miller
  2. Gary Olson
  3. Mike Boyd
  4. Kyle Layton
  5. Garrett Calvert
  6. Mike Johnstone
  7. Derrick Tuttle
  8. Jason Brightman
  9. Steve Simon
  10. Matt Alexander



Jessica Harvey and Chris Horton brought the field to green, with Horton jumping out to the lap 1 lead over Lane Reinwald, Brandon Huffman, Harvey, and Zack Eller. Five laps in Horton had build a commanding lead over the field. The next lap Huffman challenged Reinwald for second, however he would suffer a lost right rear wheel and be forced pitside. Horton lead green to checkers with Tyler Walters and Zach Eller making the third and fourth spots in the closing laps. At the checkers it was Horton, Reinwald, Walters, Eller, and Harvey rounding out the top five.

10 laps-13 carsIMG_3578

  1. Chris Horton
  2. Lane Reinwald
  3. Tyler Walters
  4. Zach Eller
  5. Jessica Harvey
  6. Jordan Melice
  7. Jeff Nunemaker
  8. Joe Syzmanski
  9. Donne May
  10. Joe Richter


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