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2019 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

2019 rankings

Hello there race fans, it’s Monday, so that means it’s time for me to update theese here rankings I keep.

This week was the rare weekend this season that saw everybody that had a show scheduled get their show in. Almost all of them were regular weekly shows, with the exception being the Ultimate NE show at BAPS on Saturday night.

That Baps show is pretty cool, because BAPS isn’t a late model track, but with Port Royal being off and Selinsgrove not having Supers on the card, it made sense to schedule a show off the beaten path, well, it’s off the beaten path for super lates.

This week also saw Roaring Knob throw their hat in the ring, and unlike the past few years, they actually had results up on their Facebook page in a timely fashion. It would be awesome if they keep that up.  On the flipside, Eriez has been awful getting results out this season. I know there’s a new group running the place, so their still working on getting the kinks out, but people shouldn’t have to go to various driver’s Facebook pages to get results.

Dog Hollow’s move to Sundays apparently worked out well for them, and that’s good news.

Here’s all who ran this weekend. Point scale in parenthesis next to track name, as usual.

Thunder Mountain (5)

Bedford (5)

Hidden Valley (5)

Hummingbird (5)

BAPS (7)

Dog Hollow (5)

Eriez (5)

Roaring Knob (5)

Now let’s go head and see who this week’s top ten is. It’s getting really tight.

1. Dylan Yoder (2), 66 points.

2. Jeff Rine (3), 65 points. Jeff ran second at Bedford and fourth at BAPS.

3. Max Blair (9), 61 points. Max got the win at Eriez.

4. Jason Covert (2), 54 points.

5. Jared Miley (4), 53 points. Jared picked up the win at Bedford and ran fifth at BAPS.

6. Rick Eckert (5), 52 points. Rick was the winner at BAPS.

7. Mason ZIegler (2), 45 points.

8. Andy Haus (2) , 42 points. Andy came home third at Bedford.

9. Bob Dorman (2), 38 points. Bob ran fifth at Hidden Valley.

10. Alex Ferree (2), 36 points.

And that’s our top ten for this week. It’s nice to have a top ten that doesn’t have any tie. If I remember correctly, that’s the first time this season since the very first week. I’m also enjoying how tight the top five in the standings are. I get that it’s mostly the usual suspects for this poll, but they’re almost ever that close this deep into the season. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens down the stretch.

See you next Monday, same bat time, same bat place.





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