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2019 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Final Results


Hey there folks, as promised in a Tweet last night, these are the final standings for this year’s rankings.

As evidenced by the header picture for this edition of the rankings, you winner for 2019 is Max Blair. This is no surprise for me, as he has been one of PA’s best for quite a while now. He’s always in our top five, and he’s won this thing before. He’s damn near unbeatable at tracks he’s familiar with, and I have to admit, If I expanded these rankings to include other neighboring states, such as OH, WV or NY, he’d have been so far ahead in this thing it would have been over by July. Hats off to Max for what is yet another incredible year.

That said, it was again an incredible year for super late model racing in Pennsylvania, and a ton of points were scored across the state all year. The central PA contingent, bolstered by a return to regional racing by Rick Eckert, has filled most of the top ten spots as they have done since I expended this to the entire state.

Rick wasn’t the only former national star to return to the area. Former Lucas regulars and western PA stalwarts Gregg Satterlee and Mason Ziegler also kept it mostly close to PA this year, and not surprisingly, also picked up a lot of great results to make it into some of the top spots in these rankings. I tend to think that if Michael Norris hadn’t spent much of the summer filling in for Don O’Neal on the Lucas trail that he’d have competed for the title on this thing too. He’s come a very long way in the last five years.

It’s interesting to see how strong the super late model racing is in our part of the world, when much of the super late model contingent speaks of doom and gloom, especially on the weekly level. Now, I don’t disagree that the sport was a little stronger not all that long ago (and I’ll be wring a column addressing my feelings on that and possible solutions I think might work in the coming weeks), but I think the mix of weekly racing, regional tour races and national tour races gave us quite the full schedule this season.

Rain took away quite a few shows, especially early in the season, but I don’t think it impacted these rankings in any significant manner. If those shows had  ben run anyways, I really tend to think the guys that finished top five in the shows that did run would have finished top five in those shows too. So I’m calling it a hypothetical wash.

Alright, Ive rambled enough, here are the final standings on the year.

1. Max Blair (15), 126 points.

2. Rick Eckert (9), 104 points.

3. Dylan Yoder (3), 102 points.

4. Gregg Satterlee (2), 96 points.

5. Jared Miley (6), 78 points.

6. Jeff Rine (3), Jason Covert (2), 75 points.

8. Mason Ziegler (3), 55 points.

9. Andy Haus (2), 53 points.

10. Paul Kot (7), 52 points.

11. Brandon Sheppard (1), Michael Lake (6), Matt Lux (2), 50 points.

14. Bryan Bernheisel (2), 49 points.

15. Michel Norris (4), Coleby Frye (3), 47 points.

17. Matt Cosner, 44 points.

18. Bob Dorman (3), 43 points. 

19. Billy Eash (4), 40 points.

20. Greg Oakes (1), Tim McCreadie (1), Chris Hackett (2), 38 points.

23. Colton Flinner (3), 37 points.

24. Alex Ferree (2), Kyle Knapp (2), Mike Pegher Jr. (3), Dave Scott, 36 points.

28. Chub Frank (3), Darrell Lanigan (1), Dave Hess Jr., 33 points.

31. Dan Angelicchio (2), 30 points.

32. Shane Clanton (1), Mike Knight, 28 points.

34. Kenny Schaltenbrand (1), 27 points.

35. Gene Knaub (2), Ricky Weiss, 26 points.

37. Russ King (3), 25 points.

38. Shawn Claar (1), Josh Richards, 21 points.

40. Don O’Neal (1), Kenny Schaffer (1), Joe Petyak (1), Mike Wonderling (1), Dave Blazavich, Ross Robinson, 20 points.

46. Charlie Powell (1), Earl Pearson Jr, 19 points.

48. Mike Laughard (3), Scott Bloomquist, Jim Yoder, 18 points.

51. Bryce Davis (2), Kyle Hardy (2), Dan Stone (1), Jonathan Davenport, Jimmy Owens, Curtis Teats, Luke Hoffner, 17 points.

58. Brett Schadel (1), John Weaver (1), 16 points.

60. Hayes Mattern (1), Jerry Redden, Chuck Clise , 15 points.

63. Drake Troutman (2), DJ Troutman, 14 points.

65. Clate Copeman, Donnie Schick, Tyler Deitz, Doug Drown , 13 points.

69. Jim Bernheisel (1), Chad Wright, Tom Decker, Denny Fenton, 12 points.

73. Darrell Bossard (1), Nick Dickson (1), Austin Hubbard , Doug Eck, 11 points.

77. Tim Senic (2), Marvin Winters, Matt Urban, 10 points.

80. Brady Wonderling (1), Matt Sponaugle (1), Gary Stuhler, Trever Feathers, 9 points.

84. Kirk Baker, Wyatt Scott, Dylan Lewis, Chris Farrell, Tommy Beck, Mike Miller, 8 points.

90. Chad McLellan (1), Tim Smith Jr. (1), Wendell Pinckney, Larry Hollenbaugh, Mike Lupfer, Del Rougeux Jr., Rusty Schlenk, Danny Snyder, Kelvin Kohan, 7 points.

99. Cody Hardesty (1), Tyler Erb, Brian Birkhofer, Tim Wilson, Steve Kania, Ken Treyvitz, Lou Jacoby, 6 points.

106. Brandon Wearing (1), Nathan Lasalle (1), Kyle Lee (1), Levi Sikora, Jake Finnerty, Dan Smeal, Jason Dobson, John Myers, Andrew Wylie, Dewayne Brooks, 5 points.

116. Claytron Kennedy, Michael Maresca, Justin Weaver, Jerry Bard, Randy Christine Jr., Chad Myers, Jared Hawkins, 4 points.

123. Gary Gellner, Dave Brouse Jr., JR Toner, Shaun Jones, Matt Cochran, 3 points.

128. Ace Hodershett, Nate Brady, Bobby Watt, Rod Phillips, Mike Smith, Scott Alvetro, 2 points.

134. Tanner Horst, Clay Ruffo, Justin Kann, Neal Wilson, Travis Stickley, Ed Coast, Rich Runyan Jr., Skip Lindenmuth, Tom Jobe, Andy Spooner, Bump Hedman, Jayme Beck, Benny Gordon, 1 point.

And there you have it, all one hundred forty six drivers that scored points this season. As I stated above, this season was a fantastic one. I’ll be back next season starting with the first super late model race in Pennsylvania in 2020. All the scoring will be the same as this season. See yea in March or April.

P.S., this edition of the rankings brought to you by Stone Fear Movie Lions Double IPA. If you’re into doubles, this one is very drinkable. I  highly recommend it. Maybe ‘ll introduce a new feature to next year’s rankings. Beer recommendations. Won’t be as snobby as the beer rating sites. Let me know if it’s something you’d like to see here in future versions of this column.






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