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2019 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

2019 rankings

Hey there race fans, it’s Monday so that means it’s time for the weekly update to these rankings.

This week saw a ton of points scored, with only three shows running, a 20 point scale show at Bedford, and a two complete shows at Thunder Mountain, with a 7 point scale  race Friday and an 8 point scale race Saturday.

With all those points scored, surprisingly, there really isn’t a ton of movement in the top ten of these rankings, despite all three wins being scored by guys already in our top ten. I guess it just happens that way sometimes. It did tighten up the top three ever so slightly, but Max Blair is still out in front, having won both of the shows at Thunder Mountain.

Here is that top ten:

1. Max Blair (15) , 120 points. As mentioned above, Max won both shows at Thunder Mountain.

2. Rick Eckert (9), 104 points. Rick got the win at Bedford.

3. Dylan Yoder (3), 102 points. Dylan ran fourth at Bedford.

4. Jared Miley (6), 78 points.

5. Gregg Satterlee (2), 76 points. Gregg came home second at Bedford.

6. Jeff Rine (3), 75 points.

6. Jason Covert (2), 75 points.

8. Mason Zielger (3), 55 points.

9. Andy Haus (2), 53 points.

10. Paul Kot (7), 52 points.

And that’s the top ten for this week.

After checking all of the websites for the state, just three race remain on the schedule for super late models in Pennsylvania. There’s the Pittsburgher 100 at PPMS this Saturday, a regular show at Roaring Knob this Sunday, and the Stampede at Lernerville in two weeks. Wow. Seems like just yesterday I was starting the rankings for this year.

This makes me think Max Blair is your champion. While technically his lead isn’t insurmountable, because The Pittsburgher is a 20 point show, the only guys with any kind of chance to overtake him in the rankings, Eckert and Yoder don’t even plan to run it, let alone get the top three it would require to leapfrog Max. And that doesn;t even take the Stampede into account, because it’s entirely possible, likely even Max runs the super in that race, and finishes top five.

So, yeah, this is going to be the last weekly update until the Monday after the Stampede, where I’ll compile the results from the three remaining races and get you the final results on the year.

See ya in three Monday’s from now. Mark it down on your calendars.



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