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The 2020 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

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Hey there race fans, as promised, it’s time to debut this year’s edition of these here rankings.

If you’re familiar with these rankings, it’s going to work really similarly to previous years of the rankings. If you’re new coming into this, let me break it down for you.

  • Every dirt super late model race in the state of Pennsylvania* is scored, from the regular weekly shows, all the way up to the 30k Firecracker at Lernerville and 50k Throwback at Port Royal.
  • The top five will be scored in every race, regardless of the amount of entries, unless, of course, there’s less than five entries. Don’t laugh, it happened once last year.
  • There is a sliding points scale, where the higher the purse, the more points a driver can conceivably score. In theory, and in general, reality, the higher a purse, the deeper the talent pool in a race. I find it equalizes things fairly well over the course of a season, and doesn’t penalize guys for chasing the big money races. Once upon a time, things weren’t like this.
  • There are no “show up” points for rainouts. The rainouts tend to even themselves out for everybody over the course of a season anyways.

Alright, that said, here’s the point scale:

  • Regular weekly shows will be on a five point scale, meaning the winner gets five points, second gets four, all the way down to one point for fifth.
  • A special show paying less than five thousand will be scored on a seven point scale, so winner gets seven points, second gets six, on down to 3 points for fifth.
  • A special show paying from five thousand to nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine will be scored on an eight point scale. Winner will get eight points, second will get seven, round out the top five at four points.
  • A show paying from ten thousand to twenty thousand will score on a twenty point scale, meaning, winner gets twenty points down to sixteen points.
  • The two shows this season paying more than twenty thousand will be on a thirty point scale. Winner gets thirty, fifth gets twenty six.

So the only real change from last year is making the 10k shows twenty points now too. They used to be a ten point deal, but I tried to simplify it some this year and combined two tiers. I guess the Throwback being added adds another high points weekend , too, so that’s different too.

Another big change for  this year is moving the weekly update articles to Tuesday nights. I’m gonna be completely honest about this, the reason for the change is that it’s just easier for me mentally to deal with it Tuesday instead of Monday. I used to have Mondays off of work, so it was s pretty low stress deal. I don’t have Mondays off  anymore, so instead of just trying to poop out an update when I’m stressed, I’ll just take the extra day. An added benefit: It’s another day to compile results. Without naming any names (because I’ve done it at length before), some tracks are lackadaisical about results. Maybe if I wait an extra day, they’ll be available more regularly.

Alright, finally, let’s get to week one for this year. There was just one show, the season opener at Port Royal. It paid more than their weekly shows do, so it get’s moved to the seven point scale.

Just like last year, the number in parenthesis after a driver’s name indicates the amount of wins they have in Pennsylvania during the current season.  The updates after a driver’s name is just their particular results for the weekend. If a driver fails to score any points in a weekend, there will be no update beside their name, for obvious reasons. The updates will be the top ten drivers in the standings each week. I’ll post the full point totals mid-season and the end of the season.

1. Trevor Feathers (1), 7 points. Trevor got the win at Port Royal.

2. Dan Stone, 6 points. Dan ran second at Port Royal.

3. Jason Covert , 5 points. Jason came home third at Port Royal.

4. Andy Haus, 4 points. Andy finished fourth at Port Royal.

5. Ross Robinson. 3 points. Ross rounded out the top five at Port Royal.

And that’s the first update for this year. Only five drivers scored because there was only one show. That’ll pick up in the coming weeks and we’ll be at an actual top ten in no time flat. See ya next Tuesday after this weekend’s action!


*Yes, just Pennsylvania. I am not adding Freedom or Stateline because they’re not in Pennsylvania. Get over it.





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