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2020 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

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Hey there race fans. It’s Tuesday, and, as promised, here’s this week’s update to these rankings.

This week saw just one race, a weekly show at Port Royal Saturday night. Being a regular weekly show, it is scored on the five point scale. Here are the updated rankings.

1. Trevor Feathers (1), 10 points. Trevor ran third at Port Royal.

2. Ross Robinson, 7 points. Ross came home second at Port Royal.

3. Dan Stone, 6 points.

4. Donald Lingo Jr. (1), 5 points. Donald got the win at Port Royal.

4. Jason Covert , 5 points.

6. Andy Haus, 4 points.

7. Mike Lupfer, 2 points. Mike got a fourth at Port Royal.

8. Tim Smith, 1 point. Tim ran fifth at Port Royal.

And those are the top names in my spreadsheet this week. It’s not ten yet, but we’ll get there (hopefully) soon.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the current coronavirus pandemic that’s coursing through our country, among many others. I’m not going to pontificate about it, because we all see more than enough of that on our social media feeds and on the news broadcasts. I’ll I’ll say on that front is that I genuinely hope you and yours remain healthy for the duration, however long it may be.

What I do need to address is how I’m going to handle this whenever the season does actually get under way. As I’m sure you know, we’re not going to see any shows for at least the next couple weeks, as the tracks this poll depends on have closed down due to the pandemic.

This column is officially on hold until the season does get under way again. As I said above, I do genuinely hope that the virus does avoid you and those you hold dear.

Till next we meet.




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