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2020 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: The Final Results!

Hey there race fans, it’s Monday, and as promised, it’s time for the final standings of these here power rankings for this season.

This season was unique to say the least. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions over much of the state, the season really didn’t get underway in earnest until late May/early June. Weekly show counts were down at pretty much every track in the state over the course of the season, unsurprisingly. Most tracks here get stared in early to mid April.

But it did seem the special show counts were actually up over the past few seasons, with both national late model series having multiple stops in the state. The Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series had three scoring events, two of them were 20 point scale shows and one was a 30 point scale event. The World of Outlaws Late Model Series came to the state for a total of eight scoring events. They had two 8 point events, five 20 point events and one 30 point event.

The two regional series in our area also ended up having some pretty solid show counts. The United Late Model Series had 14 scoring events in 2020. Of those shows, the vast majority were 7 point shows, but there were two 8 point events and one 20 point event. The Ultimate Northeast Late Model series had five events in PA. All five were seven point events.

There were a number of unsanctioned special events across the state throughout the year. It was in the neighborhood of twenty shows on the year. The overwhelming majority were 7 point shows, but the season was punctuated by the last of the three 30 point shows that were on the season slate this season.

And that final thirty point show at Bedford is what ended up determining this season’s champion.

This season’s champion ended up being Michael Norris. He managed to win this title having won just two scoring races. What propelled him to the top spot was an incredible consistency. The wins might not have been there, but he had an uncanny ability to finish in the top five when it counted most. He’s the only driver in the state who managed to finish top five in all three thirty point races, and doing that netted him 78 of his 144 points.

Second place, by just one point, ended up being Gregg Satterlee. He had six more wins than Norris on the year, but only scored in one of the thirty point races. That one scoring night was in fact, the season ending 30 point affair at Bedford, but it still ended up being not quite enough to take the top spot.

Third place was Max Blair, who, if you’ve been following led these rankings for the lion’s share of the season, and seemed certain to win this deal as recently as the last update, but he decided to head in a different direction the last month of the season and it led to both Norris and Satterlee passing him in these rankings. I’m not knocking him at all for it though. He made absolutely the best decision for his program by heading to Delaware to race. He won a pile of money in both the super and his crate late model. These rankings don’t actually pay anything other than bragging rights. You can’t buy a new chassis or whatever with bragging rights.

Anyways, let’s go ahead and get to the rankings. Since these are the final standings, it’s going to be every driver that scored this season.

1. Michael Norris (2), 144 points.

2. Gregg Satterlee (8), 143 points.

3. Max Blair (7), 138 points.

4. Brandon Sheppard (3), 124 points. ‘

5. Rick Eckert (4), 100 points.

6. Jeff Rine (9), 85 points.

7. Jared Miley (5), 83 points.

8. Mason Ziegler (2), 78 points.

9. Darrell Lanigan, 74 points.

10. Dave Hess Jr. (6), 69 points.

11. Tim McCreadie (1), Dennis Erb Jr. (1), Dave Scott (1), 63 points.

14.  Cade Dillard (1), 59 points.

15. Alex Ferree (4), 55 points.

16. Chub Frank (2), 47 points.

17. Wyatt Scott (1), 44 points.

18. Matt Lux (2), 42 points.

19. Ryan Scott (2), 37 points.

20. Billy Eash (5), Ricky Thornton Jr. (1), Kyle Larson (1), 36 points.

23. Boom Briggs (1), Ashton Winger, Chris Ferguson, 35 points.

26. Jason Covert (1), Dylan Yoder (1), 34 points.

27. Ross Robinson (3), 33 points.

28. Doug Eck (2), Mike Pegher Jr. (1), Scott Bloomquist (1), 31 points.

31. Damian Bidwell (1), Mike Lnight (1), Andy Haus (1), Josh Richards, 29 points.

35. Earl Pearson Jr., 28 points.

36. Stormy Scott, 27 points.

37. Mike Wonderling Jr. (1), 26 points.

38. Trever Feathers (2), Kenny Schaltenbrand, Colton Flinner, Gene Knaub, 25 points.

42. Ryan Montgomery (1), Jeremy Ohl (2), 21 points.

44. Dan Angelicchio (1), Matt Sponaugle (1), Jim Yoder,  20 points.

47. Drake Troutman (1), Kyle Lee, Greg Oakes, Kyle Strickler, Darrell Bossard, 19 points.

52. Ricky Weiss , Jimmy Owens, 18 points.

54. Chris Hackett (2), Bryan Bernheisel (1), Michael Lake, 17 points.

57. Chase Jughans, Luke Hoeffner, 16 points.

59. Tommy Beck (2), 15 points.

60. Joe Petyak (2), Will Thomas (1), Chuck Clise (1), Tyler Dietz, John Wayne Weaver , 14 points.

65. Paul Kot (1), 13 points.

66. Dan Stone, Coleby Frye, 12 points.

68. Matt Cosner (1), Kenny Shaffer (1), 11 points.

70. Gale Huey (2), Russ King (1), Jon Lee (1), Jeremy Wonderling, 10 points.

74. Brett Schadel (1), Steve Kania, Denny Fenton, 9 points.

77. Tim Smith, Tyler Carpenter, 8 points.

79. Doug Drown (1), Donald Lingo Jr. (1), Tyler Horst, 7 points.

82. Trent Brenneman, Tim Senic, Andy Boozel, Jim Bernheisel, Matt Cochran, 6 points.

87. Chad Villone (1), LC Powers (1), Jacob Piper (1), Bump Hedman, Shaun Jones, Dillan Stake, Nathan Lasalle, Scott Alvetro, Gary Stuhler, Curtis Teats, Gary Lyle, 5 points.

98. Bob Dorman, Nick Dickson, Logan Roberson, John Volpe, Roy Deese Jr. ,  Kenny Moreland, Kirk Baker, Chad Julius, Travis Stickley, Dylan Lewis, Levi Sikora, Garrett Mott, Dutch Davies, Dave Blazavich, 4 points.

112. Devin Hart, Hayes Mattern, Charlie Powell, Xander Nihart, Jeremy Miller, Deshawn Gingerich, Kyle Scott, Kyle Knapp, Wayne Johnson, Colton Burdette, 3 points. 

122. Dan Gill, Clate Copeman, Rod Phillips, Tim Wilson, Mike Lupfer, Mike Miller, Matt Urban, Josh Powell, Jerry Redden, 2 points.

131. Clinton Hersh, Ryan Claycomb, Jason Dobson, Marvin Winters, john Lobb, Dylan Fenton, Chad McLellan, Jon Rohacevich, Clatyon Kennedy, 1 point.

And there you have it. That’s everybody that scored points in the state of PA by my rules this season.

We’ll see ya next season for more of the same, but in all honesty, next season is likely to be just as affected by COVID-19 as this season was, so we’ll see ya when we see ya. Until then, enjoy the holidays, it’s been a bleak year for a lot of us, lets send it home with blast!











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