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2020 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

Hey there race fans, It’s Tuesday, and my tech issues are worked out enough for this week’s update.

As I mentioned above, I had tech issues plaguing me last week, so the regular Tuesday update simply didn’t happen. So I rolled both last week’s results and this week’s results into one update where a whole bunch of points happened.

So last week there were just four races, a pair of 10K World of Outlaws Late Model Series races at Thunder Mountain and regular shows at Bedford and Roaring Knob. This past weekend saw just two shows, the 20k Pittsburgher at PPMS and a 5k special at Clinton County.

The point scale for each show:

Thunder Mountain 9/25 – 20 point scale

Thunder Mountain 9/26 – 20 point scale

Bedford 9/25 – 5 point scale

Roaring Knob 9/27 – 5 point scale

PPMS 10/3 – 30 point scale

Clinton County 10/3 – 7 point scale

So, as you can see, it was a pretty big scoring week.

So let’s see who in our top ten scored those points.

1. Max Blair (7), 133 points. Max was fifth at Thunder Mountain on 9/25.

2. Brandon Sheppard (3), 124 points. Brandon had finishes of second (9/25) and first (9/26) at Thunder Mountain.

3. Gregg Satterlee (7), 113 points.

4. Michael Norris (2), 111 points. Michael ran fourth at Thunder Mountain (9/26) and fifth at PPMS.

5. Rick Eckert (4), 100 points.

6. Jeff Rine (9), 85 points.

7. Jared Miley (3), 71 points. Jared came home second at Thunder Mountain (9/26).

8. Dave Hess Jr. (6), 63 points.

8. Dennis Erb Jr. (1), 63 points. Dennis was fifth at Thunder Mountain (9/26)

9. Dave Scott (1), 59 points. Dave was fourth at Thunder Mountain (9/25)

9. Cade Dillard (1), 59 points.

10. Mason Ziegler (2), 49 points.

And that’s our top ten for this week. There are a few races being run this weekend, so we’ll be back next Tuesday evening for the next update!






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