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2021 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

Hey there race fans, race season is once again upon us, so that means it’s time fore me to bring back the super late model rankings for 2021.

I’m going to go with the same format this season. The top five in every super late model race held in the state of Pennsylvania in 2021 will be scored (I’m aware that races have already taken place this season here in PA. More on that later). The point scale will again be sliding to add more weight to the special races, which tend to bring deeper field of competitors, especially when the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series and World of Outlaws Late Model Series come into the state, and much like the last few seasons, both national series will make numerous appearances in the state over the course of the year. The United Late Model Series also has an aggressive schedule in 2021 and will be scored numerous times through out the season.

Anyways, here’s what the point scales look like this season. Only the top five in each race get points.

  • Regular weekly shows will be scored on a five point scale. Winner gets five points. Second gets four, third gets three, etc…
  • Special shows paying up to $4999 will be scored on a seven point scale. Winner gets seven, second gets six, third gets five, etc…
  • Special shows paying  from $5k up to $9999 will be scored on an eight point scale. Winner gets eight, second gets seven, third gets six, etc…
  • Special shows paying from $10k up to $19999 will be scored on a twenty point scale. Winner gets twenty, second gets nineteen, third gets eighteen, etc…
  • Any show paying $20k or more with be scored on a thirty point scale. Winner will get thirty, second with get twenty nine, third will get twenty eight, etc…

So that’s that.

I have delayed the start of these rankings for 2021 for two reasons. A: I was trying to head the early season ties off at the pass (I have been pretty unsuccessful at that) , and B: I’ve had to be my daughter’s teacher most Mondays dude to her school not being open. I also had a bout with COVID-19 back in January and still don’t feel 100%. I don’t feel sick or anything, but there are some lasting effects that I have been dealing with. I feel a little better each day though, so by the time I can watch some races in person in a a couple weeks I should be pretty good to go.

Anyways, for so far this season, a handful of races have taken place, most of them at Port Royal, one happened at Williams Grove. There have been four regular shows at Port Royal, two special shows at Port Royal, and one special at Williams Grove.

Here’s we stand at this moment. I will not have full results here, but I will mention where each winner who was scored got their win. The numbers in parenthesis after a driver’s name indicate wins.

1.  Gregg Satterlee (2), 15 points.  Gregg swept a ULMS weekend at Port Royal March 20th and 21st.

2. Max Blair (1), 12 points. Max picked up a win March 26th at Williams Grove.

3. Michael Norris, 11 points.

3. Jeff Rine (1) , 11 points . Jeff got the win at Port Royal March 27th.

3. Dylan Yoder, 11 points.

6. Rick Eckert, 8 points.

7. Tyler Bare, 7 points.

8. Trever Feathers (1), 6 points. Trever got his win at Port Royal March 13th.

8. Colton Flinner, 6 points.

8. Coleby Frye, 6 points.

8. Ross Robinson, 6 points.

And that’s the top of the list for this week. Obviously, my attempt to keep the ties down was pretty unsuccessful. I suppose it’s kind of inevitable when just about  all of the early season races  are at one track  you’ll have that, though. Oh well. List doesn’t look that different from the final rankings of 2020 so far. I’m sure a few of the other usual suspects will hit the rankings as the other tracks in the state all start to open. Hoping we’re in for a another competitive season like we had in 2020. That said, we’ll see ya next Monday!






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