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2021 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

Hey there people, it’s Tuesday, yes, Tuesday and it’s time for me to update the rankings. I assure you I had every intention of putting these out yesterday, but then we ended up having a whole bunch of stuff happen yesterday and by the time I finally  got time to sit down and do the  writeup, it was about ten o’clock and time for bed.

That said, this week saw some pretty good weather for racing, and pretty much everybody with a race scheduled got it in.

About those races scheduled, the overwhelming majority of them were specials.

There were special shows at Thunder Mountain, Marion Center, Selinsgrove and Bloomsburg. All shows were seven point shows.

There were regular weekly shows at Hummingbird, Hidden Valley and Eriez, and as always, weekly shows are five point shows.

So let’s go ahead and get to those rankings.

1. Max Blair (9), 109 points. Max had wins at Marion Center and Bloomsburg and a third at Thunder Mountain.

2. Chris Madden (2), 76 points.

3. Brandon Overton (2), 74 points.

3. Brandon Sheppard (1), 74 points.

5. Jared Miley (7), 71 points. Jared ran third at Marion Center.

6. Rick Eckert (1), 59 points. Rick was second at Bloomsburg and fourth at Selinsgrove.

7. Dylan Yoder, 56 points. Dylan was second at Sleinsgrove and third at Bloomsburg.

8. Jeff Rine (4), 55 points.

9. Alex Ferree (2), 46 points.

9. Billy Eash (7), 46 points. Billy got the win at Hidden Valley.

And that’s the top ten for this week.

As an aside, one of my absolute favorite events of the season was also run this weekend, but it didn’t have anything to with dirt late models or dirt racing in general, but it did feature race cars.

I’m talking about the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Watching guys beat on their vintage racing machines on the sketchy roads of Schenley Park is something to behold. They race each other clean, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t racing hard. Plus there is a pretty rad car show the whole weekend.

I highly recommend checking it out one one year, even if you’re a dirt racing fan.

Anyways, provided nothing unexpected pops up, I’ll see ya next Monday!



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