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2021 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

Hey there race fans, it’s Monday, and that means it’s time for this week’s update to these rankings.

The weather this weekend was fantastic until Sunday, and pretty much every track scheduled got their show in except for Eriez, who elected to cancel Sunday due to rain. 

This week was also the rare weekend all season that didn’t see any specials in Pennsylvania. All of the tracks that got their shows in this week got what was basically a regular weekly show in.

The tracks that got shows in were: Bedford, Dog Hollow, Lernerville, Thunder Mountain, Hidden Valley, Hummingbird, Marion Center and Port Royal. As always, weekly shows are five point shows.

Now let’s get to this week’s top ten:

1. Max Blair (9), 109 points.

2. Chris Madden (2), 76 points.

3. Brandon Overton (2), 74 points.

3. Brandon Sheppard (1), 74 points.

5. Jared Miley (7), 73 points. Jared was fourth at Lernervile.

6. Rick Eckert (1), 59 points.

7. Dylan Yoder, 58 points. Dylan was fourth at Port Royal.

8. Jeff Rine (4), 56 points. Jeff was fifth at Bedford.

9. Matt Lux (3), 51 points. Matt had wins at Thunder Mountain and Marion Center.

9. Alex Ferree (3), 51 points. Alex got the win at Lernerville.

9. Doug Eck (6), 51 points. Doug picked up the win at Hummingbird.

And  that’s the top ten , well, eleven drivers for this week because of ties.

We’ll see ya next week after this coming weekend’s racing action.




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