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2021 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

Good evening race fans! It’s Wednesday, Yes, Wednesday and that means it’s time for this week’s update to the rankings. I know, I know, these are suppsoed to come out on Mondays, but let’s be serious here, you weren’t going to take five minutes away from your cookout to read these. Then last night, I had some other things to take care of. I apologize for the delay.

That said, let’s get to the racing stuff. Weather and tracks starting to wrap up their seasons impacted the total number of races this week. Only five races were run. Weekly shows went down at Dog Hollow, Hummingbird and Lernerville. Also this past weekend was a ULMS swing that say a 12k show at Bedford Friday (20 point scale)  and a 6,333 special at Port Royal Saturday (8 point scale).

Now let’s get to seeing what happened with this week’s top ten.

1. Max Blair (9), 133 points. Max was third at both Bedford and Port Royal.

2. Chris Madden (2), 95 points.

3. Brandon Sheppard (2), 94 points.

4. Jared Miley (9), 92 points.

5. Gregg Satterlee (7), 85 points. Greg won at Port Royal and was second at Bedford.

6. Rick Eckert (1), 83 points. Rick was second at Port Royal.

7. Jon Lee (6), 81 points.  Jon got the win at Hummingbird

8. Brandon Overton (2), 76 points.

9. Matt Lux (4), 69 points.

10. Michael Norris (5), 67 points. Michael won at Bedford.

And that’s our top ten for this week.

We’ll see ya next Monday for the update after this weekend’s racing action.




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