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2021 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

Hey there race fans, it’s Monday and that means it’s time to update these here rankings.

This week saw quite the reduction in the number of races run, but that’s normal this time of year as we head into fall and track regular seasons come to an end.

The races run included regular shows at Dog Hollow, Port Royal and Thunder Mountain.

There were two specials on the docket, a rare super late model event at normal sprint dominated track Lincoln speedway and a 4k special at Hummingbird. Both of these shows were 7 point shows.

That said, let’s get to this week’s top ten.

1. Max Blair (9), 133 points.

2. Jared Miley (9), 96 points.  Jared ran second at Thunder Mountain.

3. Chris Madden (2), 95 points.

4. Jon Lee (8), 94 points. Jon won at Thunder Mountain and Hummingbird.

4. Brandon Sheppard (2), 94 points.

6. Gregg Satterlee (6), 85 points.

7. Rick Eckert (1), 83 points.

8. Brandon Overton (2), 74 points.

9. Dylan Yoder , 70 points. Dylan was second at Port Royal and fourth at Lincoln.

10. Matt Lux (4), 69 points.

And that’s the top ten for this week! Check back next Monday to find out what happened after this coming weekend’s action.






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