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2015 TDN Northeast Region Winged 410 Sprint Car Chamionship

The Northeast region of the United States is blessed with the sprint car racing that we are able to see through nearly 9 months of the year. Sprint car events are scattered all around us, whether it be sanctioning bodies, weekly racing, or specials only, we always have a plethora of events to choose from week in and week out. The only complaint I, as I’m sure many of you have, is that we don’t get to see them all racing at the same time.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the creation of the ‘TDN’ Northeast Region Winged 410 Sprint Car Championship. This will be our way of comparing and keeping tabs on all sprint car drivers across the Northeast as we do our best to compare driver to driver in hopes to determine an overall regional champ.
Here is how it will be done:
Starting April 1st, drivers will accumulate points based their feature finish. The twist? The number of points you receive is dependent upon the car count that night. This is our way of compensating for an “easy” win. The more cars at the track, the more points a win is worth, and so on.
Points will run from March 27th – October 31st. Our reasoning for not starting in February when Lincoln attempts to run is so that all drivers across the region have an equal opportunity to gain points.
Tracks that drivers will receive points from for weekly racing are 
Atomic (OH), Attica (OH), Fremont (OH), Lernerville (PA), Lincoln (PA), Mercer (PA), Port Royal (PA), Wayne County (OH), and Williams Grove (PA).
Speical Events at the Following Tracks will also count for points.
Bedford (PA), Brushcreek (OH), Eldora (OH), Grandview (PA), Hagerstown (MD), Limaland (OH), New Egypt (NJ), Path Valley (PA), Selinsgrove (PA), Sharon (OH), Susquehanna (PA), and Waynesfield (OH).
Pennsylvania – 11 tracks
Ohio             – 9 tracks
New Jersey   – 1 track
Maryland      – 1 track
As mentioned above, point structures will be based solely on car counts. For example, a weekly show at Mercer with 35 cars would be worth more points than a WoO show at Fremont that has 20 cars. Car count is the great equalizer.
23 or less Cars
Win     – 3 points
2nd      – 2 points
3rd      – 1 point
24 – 32 Cars
Win     – 4 points
2nd      – 3 points
3rd       – 2 points
4th       – 1 point
33+ Cars
Win       – 5 points
2nd       – 4 points
3rd        – 3 points
4th        – 2 points
5th        – 1 points
The driver with the most total points at the conclusion of October will be declared the inaugural ‘TDN’ Northeast Region Winged Sprint Car Champion.
We here at TDN are working to provide racers and race fans with the things that you want to see, and we’ll continue to keep that our goal through 2015 and beyond.



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