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2019 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

2019 rankings

Hey there race fans, as promised, here’s the weekly update to these rankings.

This week saw two races run, a ULMS special at Williams Grove Friday night and regular show at Port Royal Saturday.

Both shows were scored as specials. Willams Grove doesn’t run super lates weekly, so that one is automatic, but that Port Royal show was kind of a weird one for me, because as a regular show it should have been scored on the 5 point scale, but after the success of last week’s ULMS races, they decided to bump the purse of their regular show to the same 3k purse those ULMS races paid. With that, I decided to score the show on the 7 point scale, because the boosted purse did end up attracting cars that wouldn’t normally be there. So I thought that it was  the fairest way to do things.

That said, let’s go ahead and get to those rankings.

1. Jeff Rine (1), 14 points. Jeff came home fifth at Williams Grove Friday, and took home his first win of the season at Port Royal Saturday.

1. Mason Ziegler, 14 points. Mason ran third Friday at the Grove and fourth at the Port on Saturday.

3. Jason Covert (1), 13 points. Jason came home second at Willams Grove Friday.

4. Rick Eckert (1), 12 points. Rick got his first win of the season Friday night at Willams grove.

5. Dylan Yoder, 11 points. Dylan ran third Saturday at Port Royal.

6. Michael Norris (1), 10 points. Michael got a fifth Saturday at Port Royal.

7. Max Blair, 7 points. Max was unable to score any points this week.

8. Austin Hubbard, 6 points. Austin ran second at Port Royal Saturday.

8. Gregg Satterlee, 6 points. Gregg took an 0fer on the week.

10. Justin Weaver, 4 points. Justin came home fourth at Willams Grove Friday.

And that’s the top ten for this week. It’s pretty interesting that there’s only a couple ties in the top ten this week. Usually in this early part of the season there’s a whole logjam of ties in the standings and we don’t really see any separation until May or June. Maybe with the increase in quality of fields in the state for this season we’ll see less ties in general. I know it’ll definitely make this poll more interesting.

Anyways, see you next Monday, same bat time, same bat place.




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