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Lernerville Pick’Em Week 6

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Welcome back! We’re back for the second half and it’s another tight points battle once again! This week, your wild card will count for DOUBLE points so choose well!

I have an update for you on the Firecracker 100 Pick’em contest. I’d love to tell you that the dog ate the results, but I don’t have a dog and it would be a lie. Honestly, had them 95 percent done and crashed the spreadsheet with my elbow.  Will get back at it asap.

Congrats to John McConnell…your week 5 winner!

2019 Lernerville Pickem Week 5


Here are your up to date season standings as we sit right now!

2019 Lernerville Pickem Scoring Page 1

2019 Lernerville Pickem Scoring Page 2

Okay then, to make your selections for Lernerville Pick’Em Week 6  CLICK HERE 

Good luck and thank you all for playing as always!!



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