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2019 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

2019 rankings

Hey there folks, it’s Monday, so that means it’s time for the update to these rankings.

With the regular season winding down or already over at pretty much every track that runs supers regularly, we’re going to start seeing a lot less scoring races than normal most weekends. I debated going to an every two week format, but ultimately, decided against it, because for the time being, there’s still at least two scoring races a weekend, and I don’t want to forget to score a race. I vowed to score every super late model race in the state, and I want to make sure I score them all.

That said, this weekend, there was four scoring races. There were two regular weekly features, one at Thunder Mountain and one at Hidden Valley. I do believe it was the final regular weekly show at both tracks. Both shows were scored on the five point scale. There were two special shows, one at Port Royal and one at Hummingbird. Both of those shows were scored on the seven point scale.

Not a ton of movement within the top ten, but some points were scored, Let’s get to the top ten to see what points were scored, and by whom.

1. Dylan Yoder (3), 85 points.

2. Max Blair (12), 84 points.

3. Rick Eckert (7), 76 points. Rick got the win at Port Royal.

4. Jason Covert (2), 75 points.

5. Jared Miley (6), 73 points.

6. Jeff Rine (3), 72 points.

7. Mason Ziegler (3), 55 points.

8. Paul Kot (7), 52 points. Paul came home fifth at Hummingbird.

9. Michael Lake (6), 50 points. Michael got a fifth at Thunder Mountain.

10. Andy Haus (2), 49 points.

And that’s our top ten for this week. It;s the rare week with absolutely no ties in the top ten, and it’s still really close at the top. I believe any of the top six still have very real shot, especial with twenty point races at Bedford and PPMS still to come. A win in either race by one of the top six (and to be honest, the big win at Bedford is really likely to end up being one of these top ten, considering up to eight of these guys are likely to be there). In reality,  just about every show left this season is going to be on at least the seven point scale. There could be some pretty wild swings to be had this year. It’s certainly going to be fun to watch.

See ya next Monday!




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