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Hey there race fans, I’m back with an update. I know, I know, I missed a week. My bad. I’m not gonna lie, I completely forgot about the poll until Friday, so I figured I’d just wait the extra week and do a two week update. With just one track in operation, it’s not going to be too hard to keep up with. As more tracks open, I promise to be more on top of this going into the future.

As well all probably know, the one track currently in operation is Roaring Knob, and refreshingly, they’re doing a very good job of updating results so far this season. This is a pretty radical, but good, departure from how information has historically come from the place. I hope they keep it up going into the future.

So let’s get to them results.

1. Trever Feathers (2), 15 points. Trever picked up the win at the Knob last weekend.

2. Tyler Carpenter, 8 points. Tyler had a pair of second place finishes over the last two weeks at the Knob.

3. Ross Robinson, 7 points.

4. Dan Stone, 6 points.

5. Ryan Montgomery (1), 5 points. Ryan got the win at the Knob this past Saturday.

5. Jacob Piper (1), 5 points.

5. Donald Lingo, Jr. (1), 5 points.

5. Jason Covert, 5 points.

9. Dylan Lewis, 4 points.

9. Andy Haus, 4 points.

And those are the first ten names on the tally for this week.

It came to light just this afternoon that the Knob is taking this weekend off. Apparently some complaints were made about their program from undisclosed sources. Rumors are flying, and I’m not going to address any of that, because I’m not going to pretend to know any of the truth of the matter.

But on the heels of that news, other news surfaced that Selinsgrove is in fact running this weekend, so there will be some super late model racing this week anyways. Hopefully we’ll see some other tracks that feature super lates as part of their program  open back up in the next few weeks as various counties here in Pennsylvania move to the green phase of opening back up.

We’ll see ya next week. Provided mother nature or another dictator Wolf last minute change of heart doesn’t mar festivities, of course.






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