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2020 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

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Hey there race fans. I know it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted and I apologize, but I started to realize that just one track running weekly was making for some really copy/paste style writeups, and nobody likes stuff that reads like it’s been canned. So, anticipating tracks opening, I decided to save the updates until more tracks open.

And tracks are finally opening. Selinsgrove joined the party with Roaring Knob last weekend, and this past week, both Bedford and Hidden Valley opened. This coming weekend, Port Royal, Thunder Mountain and Eriez join the party! That’ll put us back to just about normal. The only  exception to the regular tracks on these rankings will be Lernerville, and hopefully, they can join the land of the living real soon.

Yes, I mentioned that Selinsgrove show, which happened last weekend. It was a special too, our first raised points show of the year. I absolutely scored it last week, I just didn’t post an update. I added them in this week, and those drivers received the appropriate points. Any results from those shows in our top ten will be mentioned.

Anyways, let’s get to that top ten.

1. Trever Feathers (2), 15 points.

2. Ryan Montogomery (2), 10 points. Ryan got the win at Roaring Knob Saturday.

3. Jeff Rine (1), 9 points. Jeff won at Bedford Friday, and got fourth at Selinsgrove last week.

4. Tyler Carpenter, 8 points.

5. Rick Eckert (1), 7 points. Rick won at Selinsgrove last week.

5. Drake Troutman, 7 points. Drake ran fifth at Bedford Friday and got a third at Roarind Knob Saturday.

5. Ross Robinson, 7 points.

8. Gregg Satterlee, 6 points. Gregg came home second at Selinsgrove last week.

8. Dan Stone, 6 points.

10. Billy Eash (1), 5 points. Billy got the win at Hidden Valley Saturday.

10. Jacob Piper (1), 5 points.

10. Donald Lingo Jr. (1), 5 points.

10. Jim Yoder, 5 points.

10. Jason Covert, 5 points.

And that’s the top ten for this week.

Check back next Tuesday evening for the update after this coming weekend’s action!









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