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2020 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings

Hey there race fans, It’s Tuesday so that means it’s time for em to update these here rankings.

This week saw everybody who had a race scheduled get it in. Was a beautiful weekend for racing in general with low humidity and bright sunshine for just about everybody.

There were weekly shows at Lernerville, Hidden Valley, Hummingbird and Eriez. Those races were on the five point scale.

Friday saw a special at Bedford on the eight point scale.

Saturday saw two special features at Port Royal, one scoring on the eight point scale and another on the seven point scale. It also saw a special at Latrobe that scored on the seven point scale.

Sunday saw a seven point special at Selinsgrove.

Also, it was pointed out to me by a buddy that I missed a week scoring Hidden Valley. Apparently their PR guy had a night off so results didn’t hit my usual sources so I didn’t even see them. I was able to get those results and the points have been applied accordingly. I apologize for any confusion that may have been caused.

We have a new leader in the rankings for the first time since early this season. To find out who, let’s get to them rankings

1. Gregg Satterlee (7), 113 points. Gregg came  third in the first feature and won the second feature at Port Royal and ran fourth at Selinsgrove.

2. Max Blair (7), 111 points. Max was fourth in the second feature at Port Royal and second at Selinsgrove.

3. Rick Eckert (4), 100 points. Rick got a second at Bedford.

4. Brandon Sheppard (3), 85 points.

5. Jeff Rine (7), 85 points. Jeff was the winner at Selinsgrove.

6. Michael Norris (2), 68 points. Michael was fourth at Bedford, and got a fourth in the first feature at Port Royal and ran second in the second.

7. Cade Dillard (1),  59 points.

8. Dennis Erb Jr. (1), 47 points.

9. Dave Hess Jr. (5), 46 points. Dave picked up the win at Eriez.

10. Mason Ziegler (2), 43 points. Mason won at Bedford and also won the first feature at Royal. He also got a third in the second feature at Port Royal.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what happened at Port Royal Saturday night before the races. As you may know, Rick had an accident in his pit area when  refueling his race car and static electricity happened to catch the fuel on fire, and unfortunately, his grandson Lennox was near the back of the car was burned pretty badly. I ask that you all say a little prayer for Lennox and the entire Eckert family.

And that’s the rankings for this week. Check back next  Tuesday after this coming weekend’s action to see how our top ten looks next week, It’s getting pretty tight at the top coming down the stretch and should be fun for the rest of the year!



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